Deep State Builds Gallows for Trump

Julian Assagne’s Vault 7 Wikileaks blows wide open the media’s talking point that the deep state is just a conspiracy theory as well as hammering in the final nail in the coffin of the relentless and unfounded claims that the Russians interfered in the presidential election or in some way colluded with Trump. No, Vault 7 clearly and most frighteningly exposes the deep state to … Continue reading Deep State Builds Gallows for Trump

New Cyber Spying Barbie

      Last year Mattel, in conjunction with Toy Talk Technology, created Hello Barbie, which is designed to have real conversations with your child via wi-fi internet and voice recognition technology. Toy Talk, the creator of interactive apps such as The Winston Show, SpeakaLegend, and SpeakaZoo, is a high-tech company in the business of speech recognition. Hello Barbie will contain a microphone that will … Continue reading New Cyber Spying Barbie