Made in America: Let the Thread Wars Begin

Canadian women are soon going to pay a lot more to look cute in their jeans if Trump keeps his promise to fundamentally change or shred NAFTA. Currently, Canadians are enjoying tariff-free access to 94 percent of goods imported from the United States, including textiles. A global management consultant firm, A.T. Kearney, in collaboration with the Retail Council of Canada, says a tariff increase of … Continue reading Made in America: Let the Thread Wars Begin

Poor and White in America

I often fantasize about living off the grid, as do countless of other stressed out Americans. Ah, I imagine, the sweet freedom from the tyranny of the clock and the cubicle. Turns out, this may be a fantasy after all. A recent article in the Washington Post examined national health and mortality statistics and found that the death rate of rural white American women in … Continue reading Poor and White in America