National Independence Rests on What Republicans Do Today

“Globalization has gotten out of control. It takes 200 suppliers in 43 countries on 6 continents to make one iPhone.” —U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Light is a great disinfectant and the Wuhan virus presents an opportunity for those who believe in America First to reset the rules of the global game, an aberration in modern human history. It’s time for some sunshine and fresh … Continue reading National Independence Rests on What Republicans Do Today

Bringing Back the Milkman

Responsible consumption is an allusive buzz phrase that many corporations have been chasing in order to capture a larger share of a more environmentally conscious market and please organizations that are pressuring big companies to use less plastics and reduce waste. Problem is, there’s been no practical model to eliminate all of the plastics we are purchasing and tossing into landfills. Except when there is. … Continue reading Bringing Back the Milkman