How NGOs are Pimping America

Undermining the democracy of America is a game being played by the world’s most wealthy. American pluralism is being replaced by an out of control oligarchy that is outspending Super PACs and launching multimillion dollar ad campaigns and bankrolling agitators. ig money is controlling public policy and crippling the average American’s right to a representative government. Poll after poll has shown that Americans want tougher … Continue reading How NGOs are Pimping America

Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It

There has been much said by political pundits and others on the current state of rigged polls, unfair and biased media reporting, and the potential for voter and election fraud, so when I came across this recent article posted on that reported what social media data was showing in relation to the presidential campaigns, I thought it was worth reposting. Although the author doesn’t cite where the … Continue reading Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It