This Is Not a Drill: Pick a Side

The perfect storm of yellow journalism, woke corporatism and the gutting of law and order by a major political party has left Americans believing that they are under siege. And they would be right. On the corporate front, T-Mobile, Starbucks and others have come out in support of terrorists groups like Black Lives Matter not just with pervasive messaging, but with millions of dollars. Uber, … Continue reading This Is Not a Drill: Pick a Side

Democrats Are Burning Down Our House

The cauldron of Democratic rule is boiling, and it was inevitable that the wastelands and cesspools of inner city Democratic-led cities would boil over into the race riots we are witnessing following the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. Hastening the complete fall of what has become pockets of third-world populations in corrupt cities is the nongovernmental agencies funding … Continue reading Democrats Are Burning Down Our House