Hollywood Is Losing Its Audience

According to a report by Comscore, Hollywood is losing its audience. Box office sales are in a major free fall, with current domestic revenue at its lowest level since 2013. Hollywood producers are unwilling to take the selfie required to examine what is really happening in the movie business, which is they don’t make movies Americans want to see anymore. Rather, corporate shareholders are relying … Continue reading Hollywood Is Losing Its Audience

Netflix Stock Is Sinking Like the Titantic

On October 5, 2018, CNBC’s Trading Nation reported that Netflix stock was down by 15 percent. And while the trading market in stocks is at an all time high, Netflix stock is continuing to lose ground. “TradingAnalysis.com founder Todd Gordon had previously seen a breakout coming for the streaming giant into its earnings report later this month, but the trader is now reversing from his … Continue reading Netflix Stock Is Sinking Like the Titantic

Hollywood Handlers Can’t Contain #Metoo

The sheer enormity of reports in the media of women jumping aboard the #Metoo train is mind numbing. And it appears that no man is safe, from celebrity chefs, newscasters, producers and congressmen to models and actors. It’s like a dog whistle was blown and the sexual harassment accusers were let off the chain—and my bullshit detector went straight up. And for good reason. Soon … Continue reading Hollywood Handlers Can’t Contain #Metoo

Hollywood Just Doesn’t Get It

I didn’t watch Hollywood’s Harvey-Irma relief fundraiser. Like many of you who have taken the red pill, I don’t watch television, so it was with some amusement when I read through the articles and scanned the pictures of smiling, filthy rich celebrities schilling for money. Does Hollywood really think they are fooling anyone with this calculated display of moral virtue signaling? The lineup of A-listers … Continue reading Hollywood Just Doesn’t Get It