State Tyrants Don’t Care About Your Rights, They Want Control

State tyrants are trying their very best to use their power to take away U.S citizen’s individual rights during this declared national emergency. Perhaps most agregious is the media’s glorification of the abuse and feckless, evil Hollywood actors virtue signaling their compliance.. But reporting on the media’s almost criminal behavior during the Chinese virus is another story entirely. I have read seemingly endless reports about … Continue reading State Tyrants Don’t Care About Your Rights, They Want Control

This Isn’t Real

For us omnivores, nothing smells as tantalizing as a juicy steak cooking on the grill. The smell of meat wafting up through the rack and the sound of dripping fat sizzling as it hits the coals can make us drool in sensory anticipation. Turns out you can have the same experience without actually eating meat from a cow. Bloomberg Technology reported that Impossible Foods, a … Continue reading This Isn’t Real

Cowboy Up!

Just a few weeks ago, the College Fix reported that many of today’s high school and college students support after-birth infanticide. Students who were polled on campuses including Purdue, the University of Minnesota, the University of Central Florida. and Ohio State, professed that it is acceptable to kill children up to age four because they are not “self-aware.” According to the article, the driving force … Continue reading Cowboy Up!