How to Be a Woman of Substance

Women of substance are generally the busiest, smartest, and most interesting women on the planet, and red-pilled women far surpass the unwashed masses in fulfilling their potential. Beautiful buildings—and beautiful women—don’t just happen, however. They are executed with great skill, patience and planning. And when completed, they are rock solid gems for all the world to admire and stand the test of time. Here’s how they … Continue reading How to Be a Woman of Substance

Our Deplorable Moral State

On the same day World Net Daily reported on a Gallup poll that looked at what Americans think of their own moral values, the Daily Mail reported that Danielle Bregoli, the foul-mouthed, 14-year-old teenager who was once featured on the Dr. Phil show on deplorable teens, was granted a $50,000 “tour” to entertain audiences and celebrities alike—by insulting them. The Gallup poll asked Americans to … Continue reading Our Deplorable Moral State

Counterfeit Spirits Have Invaded the Church

Positive confessions, synergy, prayer contemplation, centering, connection, yoga, community and ecstatic worship all share a common origin. They are all New Age practices and they are in a local church near you, largely due to the emergent church movement, uninformed evangelicals and the growing ecumenical, kingdom-now philosophy of popular internet preachers. Americans are Biblically illiterate and spiritually hungry, and the New Age movement has stepped … Continue reading Counterfeit Spirits Have Invaded the Church

Fat Worship Leaders Need Not Apply

If you didn’t believe before that the church has been taken over, look no further than New Creation Church in Hillsboro, Oregon, which has made the news for their infamous Worship Team Guidelines banning obese would-be worship leaders and reported on by the Christian Post. The Guidelines state: “We want the worship team to look the best they can! Remember that the way we look … Continue reading Fat Worship Leaders Need Not Apply

State Attacks Church Rights

Freedom of religion is like catnip to totalitarians—they simply can’t leave it alone. The nasty progressives in Massachusetts don’t like the freedom afforded centers of worship so they’ve gone around the church and tampered with state law. Massachusetts has always been a bipolar state. After all, it’s Boston that revolted against the government in the infamous Boston Tea Party while burning all the “witches” in … Continue reading State Attacks Church Rights

Do You Believe in Spirits?

Most of us believe there are atoms–matter made up of protons, neurons, and electrons–even though we cannot see them with the naked eye.  Perhaps you don’t believe in things you cannot see, but spirits, like atoms, are all around us. As humans, we have a body, a soul, and a spirit.  We are limited by our finite physical bodies but our spirits are immortal.  Other … Continue reading Do You Believe in Spirits?

The Craft

The biggest lie being perpetuated upon our society today is that we have become a secular nation. Although Christianity may be waning and is popularly frowned upon, America is not a religionless society. Rather than eradicate religion, the elite, our educational system and our political institutions have sought to replace the Christian religion with ideologies they can embrace. Wicca and other pagan and New Age … Continue reading The Craft