What About Our Dreams?

“We should rethink everything we have done since 1965.”  —Michelle Malkin, Red Ice   hen I first thought about featuring Michelle Malkin in my Royalty series of powerful and important conservative woman, I almost didn’t do it. Michelle is a powerhouse in her own right in the America First movement. How could I possibly add to her already very public persona in a way that … Continue reading What About Our Dreams?

Conservative Women Are Not to be Trifled With

The fiercest Trump warriors are Republican women, with 93 percent supporting him over Republican men. Wall Street Journal editorial writer Daniel Henninger calls this distinct and dedicated population of women “America’s most determined political outliers.” would consider Dana Loesch one of the conservatives movements most fiercest warrior princesses and an outright gift to the base. I can’t help but admire conservative women who stand up … Continue reading Conservative Women Are Not to be Trifled With