Ugly Women Are Proliferating Like Dandelions

There is a huge sucking sound in America caused by the the number of young women pulled into the vortex of feminism and then spit back out as ugly women. Each day I am appalled and disgusted anew by their illegal, immoral and criminal behavior. They are spiritually empty, hedonistic, vapid and cruel. They are the army veteran who tied her own service dog to … Continue reading Ugly Women Are Proliferating Like Dandelions

Jihad in the Classroom

It isn’t news to those of us who have been watching the infiltration of Islam in public schools and universities that the likes of Areeje Zufari, the Florida professor who teaches Middle Eastern humanities at Rollins and Valencia colleges, has been free to spout her hatred of Christianity in a paid university position. Zufari’s Christian-phobic behavior only came to light after she was recently outed … Continue reading Jihad in the Classroom

Counterfeit Spirits Have Invaded the Church

Positive confessions, synergy, prayer contemplation, centering, connection, yoga, community, and ecstatic worship all share a common origin. They are all New Age practices and they are in a local church near you, largely due to the emergent church movement, uninformed evangelicals, and the growing ecumenical, kingdom-now philosophy of popular internet preachers. Americans are Biblically illiterate and spiritually hungry, and the New Age movement stepped in to fill … Continue reading Counterfeit Spirits Have Invaded the Church

Pass the Healthcare Bill or Else

Am I fundamentally missing something when it comes to this mad race to pass the health care bill pushed by House Speaker Ryan? I have read multiple articles detailing its shortcomings as well as Trump’s enormous pressure on the GOP to pass the bill, but what, after all, is the bum’s rush? Isn’t this false urgency that the bill must pass now or the sky … Continue reading Pass the Healthcare Bill or Else

Campers and Hikers as Catnip

Planning a getaway to one of our nation’s national parks this summer? Before you go into the woods or canyons, you need to know about David Paulides series Missing 411. An astounding number of people are mysteriously disappearing from our national parks and he wants to know why. His research and collaboration with federal agencies, rescuers, searchers, and law enforcement spans decades and has uncovered … Continue reading Campers and Hikers as Catnip