Poor and White in America

I often fantasize about living off the grid, as do countless of other stressed out Americans. Ah, I imagine, the sweet freedom from the tyranny of the clock and the cubicle. Turns out, this may be a fantasy after all. A recent article in the Washington Post examined national health and mortality statistics and found that the death rate of rural white American women in … Continue reading Poor and White in America

The New Darling: Paganism

The prevalence of the occult in our culture is undeniable, which begs the question, what exactly is attracting people to vampirism, Wicca, and pagan worship? The Greatest Generation is almost entirely gone and the mystical has quickly stepped up to fill the vacuum of a society based on relativity, humanism, and science. The result is a three-generation deep society that knows nothing of God or … Continue reading The New Darling: Paganism