Today’s Youth Want to Return to the 1950s Family

Over the past several years, the media has reluctantly reported on studies of the unhappiness of the modern American woman. Cultural writers commenting on the phenomena pepper their commentary with words like “alarmed” and “concerned” and appear to be perplexed that young women today are rejecting feminism and actually longing to be full-time homemakers and mothers.

In fact, the longing to be a full-time homemaker, long associated with domestic drudgery, is so baffling to the established media that Fox News felt it was newsworthy enough to include it in a Lifestyle section with the headline: “Woman quits job to take care of husband like a 1950s housewife: ‘I’m living how I always wanted.’

2 thoughts on “Today’s Youth Want to Return to the 1950s Family

  1. My daughter was going to go to school to be a chef when she invited me to go walking. She said “Dad, I don’t think I want to work as a chef. I think I want to be a housewife and take care of my husband and kids.”
    Half serious and half not I responded “Well then, you’re gonna hafta find a Mexican kid because all the white boys are playing video games.”
    Approximately 6 weeks later she said she found one and we met her future husband. It was 10 years last November and they have a 1950’s family. It is just SO MUCH EASIER when Sergio is responsible for his role and Sierra is responsible for hers.
    Their life just simply makes sense.


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